Digital Business Futurist, BAFTA Recipient, and former Creator and Director of Sony Developer World,

I offer advise and idea incubation on digital disruption, eco-system strategy, and emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and platformification. 100% digital for almost 2 decades, I believe that “to become truly digital you need to embrace continuous adaptation going forward”, and I mentor and create embrace digital sessions that provide actionable insights on how to achieve corporate goals while achieving sustainable digital transformation. Shown below are samples endorsements:

“Mikael is a super sharp and hard driving professional. In the years before mobile phone development became uber trendy, he was out there making a market and creating innovative products that Sony consumers loved. I believe the work of professionals and pioneers like Mikael and his team helped to pave the way for the proliferation developer ecosystems and the new economy of creation in our industry. I would recommend him to anyone seeking a senior leader to drive a team to success in this type of scenario.”

Leslie Nakajima, VP Communications at Mozilla Corporation.

“I’ve worked with Mikael for a decade. He is a thought leader, pushing organisations to understand digital entertainment and the available business models, present and future. He is a pragmatist and a very savvy operator. We were able to do great, award-winning work as a result. I can’t recommend him highly enough.”

Paul Bennun, Owner and Creative Director, Somethin’ Else Group.

I am a firm believer in the power of platform thinking and my experience with network effects spans two decades. My passion and involvement in the digital change includes launching one of the most important global open platforms in the mobile space and initiating the eco-system for smartphones and app developers enjoyed by millions today, as well as bringing innovative, world-first cloud technology into the mobile networks world-wide.

I currently offer consultation to organizations that really and truly wants to evolve their business strategy and embrace the digital disruption in strategy as well as in tactics.