Will you be next?

nokia fastest decline bad strategy
10 years ago today and shortly before one of the quickest declines in business history

Have you thought about you long-term strategy lately? I saw this image in a feed recently. Shouldn’t this be a warning to all organisations; that all success is temporary?

Especially at this time, in the middle of a huge digital shift, it serves as a classic example of a company failing to question status quo and continue to innovate. I have seen this time and time again; tech companies, banking, financial markets, telco and more need to look further forward and think about what their core values are and how everyone around them will choose to take part.

Setting up a focused session to re-visit your core values and start talking about how you meet customer expectations in the digital age is a great start. Are you listening to your customers enough? What are your competitors doing? Can we do what we do in a more efficient way with digital tools? Is our business model still intact? Do we understand how digital technologies can enhance our products and processes?

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