Digital disruption can be an intimidating term, and, perhaps more challenging, it is often a topic executives and senior IT leaders know they should be thinking about, but aren’t sure where to start. At this stage this “wait and see” attitude is a mindset that needs to be abandoned if you want to stay relevant in the coming years.

Companies are starting to understand that they need to embrace digital and have started to navigate the complicated landscape of digital disruption. It is time for all organizations to start creating strategies to stay competitive and create growth from digital transformation.

With almost 20 years experience I can help you learn how to identify, respond and navigate through the world of digital disruption. This will require a specific set of talent, and a very different leadership mindset combined with strategic alliances with other business units. Disruptors can be any enterprise from a small startup in the medical field to a tech giant, and organizations need to be prepared to assist the most senior business executives to identify and compete with or join these organizations.

My method of approaching Digital Disruption with a client I typically involves three phases:

Digitization is the conversion of analog or physical information to a digital format. Think of it as converting atoms to bits, creating digital opportunities in the process. Think of paper instruction manuals. Converting those from physical paper to a digital format represents digitization.

Digitalization is the use of digital technologies and digitally-enabled approaches to enable or improve business models and processes. Think of this as the process of exploiting digital opportunities. For example, using smart glasses to provide mechanics with line of sight digital instructions can improve efficiency and reduce errors.

Digital Transformation is the coordinated digitalization change efforts at scale, diffused through the operating model and all aspects of the business, including people, processes, technologies, and metrics. The goal of this is to bring meaningful outcomes to the organization.

I will help you understand how digital platforms and eco-systems are created, nurtured, managed and governed, and the intelligence gathered will be the base for a new business strategy.

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