Eco-systems have both enabled and resulted from big changes in the ways we consume and produce. Who would have imagined, even a few years ago, that you would be able to buy coffee with a phone, or ask your stereo or your fridge to order groceries?

As technology allows us to redesign our world, the only certainty is that offerings won’t be delivered in the way they are now – and your company almost certainly won’t be at the centre.

This means that you should approach customer acquisition, customer retention, new product or service development and customer engagement in a fresh way. Customers expect a seamless suite of services focused around their needs, not the offerings of individual companies that they must piece together themselves.

Digital platforms come with the promise of exponential growth, scale through network effects and no assets needed. Emerging digital eco-systems could account more than 30% of global corporate revenue. Have you adopted an active platform strategy yet?

I will help you understand how digital platforms and eco-systems are created, nurtured, managed and governed, and the intelligence gathered will be the base for a new business strategy.

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